Litha 2018

Litha is a Sabbat that celebrates the God.  It also demonstrates that all things must return to balance.  We’ve gone to the farthest extent, the most daylight, that we are going to get this year.  Now we transition back to a state of balance.  Additionally, the sun at Litha is entering the sign of Cancer, a water sign, and as we know, water is emotion and reflection.

You’ve probably all heard the phrase “Physician, know thyself.”  Add “Magician, Know Thyself.”  Magic works best when your intentions are clear.  When you are paying attention to your environment and let outside influences just pass by.  Today let’s work on that. 

So, in that spirit of reflection, I want you to find something that you feel is a reflection of you, or how you are feeling.  Once you have discovered that item, think about characteristics that item has that made you think of that item.  If you already have a journal then write these characteristics down, and if you do not have a journal, now would be a good time to start. Keeping track of all your attempts is an excellent way to know what works and what needs to be adjusted.

Now let’s talk about mindfulness.  Mindfulness means paying attention to the now.  For example, your boss asks to see you.  You immediately start trying to figure out why he wants to see you.  You may start thinking about what’s going to happen.  The first thought is called mind reading.  You’re now not in the moment but trying to figure out what is going through your boss’s mind.  The second thought is fortunetelling.  Again, you’re trying to think of the future and not the present.

Thoughts are not facts.  They are opinions.  Thoughts flitter through our minds all the time.  Some of these thoughts are helpful, and some of them are not.  The best thing you can do is acknowledge it, let the thought pass, to get back to the present.  Our time here in this life is short, and yet we spend a lot of time mind reading or fortunetelling rather than living in the present.  Letting the thought go is a skill that needs to be practiced.  Get comfortable, close your eyes, and for a little while just let ideas come and go through your mind.  Again, this is something that needs to be practiced, and you will get better over time.  When you’re done, take a guess at how many thoughts came through.  Were there some that were more difficult to let pass than others.  Write those down in the journal and see if you can figure out why they were hard to let go.  Write the number of thoughts that were hard to let go of in your journal.  This will give you an idea, as you keep doing this exercise, of how you are improving.

And as we are supposed to get storms, at least on the East Coast today, it is an excellent time to go grab some rain to use in your magical workings.


A downloadable PDF is available.