Mabon 2018

Mabon is a time of harvest. It is a time to pick that which is ready and to remove that which is not healthy. For this ritual, we are working with the seeds you plant, consciously and unconsciously, every day. Those seeds are your thoughts. Some of these can be helpful, but others can hurt. This ritual is meant to be done alone. So you do not need to share any of the items you think of with anyone else.
Think of no more than 10 things for this ritual. For some, think of things that get in your way that you want to rid yourself of. For example, doubting yourself, lacking confidence, or putting things off. For the others, use thoughts you would like to nurture. Stuff like self-worth, loving yourself, and being able to adapt to challenges would be in this part. Once you have these, you need something to represent each one. An example of self-doubt could be an apple with worms to show those doubts eating away at your self-confidence. They could also be drawings or just words on a card. For self-love, you could use a large drawn heart with ME in the center. Be creative in your representations. These items would be scattered through the field of your mind. So, make up a map of where these would be. It could be something like a grid to a pirate map (3 steps forward, turn left, take 2 steps (find the first item), turn right, take 1 step, etc.). Again be creative but it needs to fit in the space you will be doing the ritual. Write the map down. Once you have the map, randomly place the items where you have indicated. You will need a bag for garbage and something to put the useful items in (a basket or bowl).
Start outside the field. Take a few moments to let thoughts just pass through your mind. Know that they are there and just let them pass by. Think back on the good of the year just past. Now walk the little labyrinth you created with your map. Every time you come across something to get rid of, treat it like you would an accident your pet left behind and put it in the garbage bag. Recognize that this (and any thoughts associated with it) need to go. When you come across the positive ones, treat them like a newborn and place them in what you brought for that purpose. Continue until you have picked up everything. Once you are done, be thankful for all that you have, for there are those who have less in their life. Place the positive items around your house to remind you to nurture those thoughts every day. And don’t forget to get rid of the trash.