Contact information:

Pagan Alliance Church Incorporated
2414 South Stream Road
Bennington, VT 05201
(518) 331-8153

Email: Council@PaganAllianceChurch.org

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to: Live in a manner, which shows love and respect for all. Hold rituals on the agreed Sabbats and Esbats and any other special occasions. Work to Unite, in a loose alliance, all pagan groups. Educate members, students, the public, and seekers, in Pagan beliefs, traditions, values, and ethics. Support local and global charitable causes. Treat other seekers with respect and support. Help provide seekers with materials and tools to aid their spiritual quest. Learn from each other.

Getting Involved

Send a donation to the Church at the address above or clicking the Donate link.
Help out at events.
Contribute a story, ritual, or other Pagan item of interest to the church through email.
Funds will be used for:

    General operations (candles, cakes and ale, phone, printing)
    Rent for temporary space
    Funds to purchase a permanent space
    Funds to gather materials to share with the community (books, etc.)


Over the years we have seen many groups take in money for various things. We do that as well. But, sometimes, you don't see how that money is spent. On our donation page, you will find a link to our income and expense report. This shows graphically where we stand as well as giving you links into the expense and income budget. The expenses budget matches the income, that is we are hoping to break even at the end of the year. Anything above that is gratefully accepted to go toward future items.
From time to time, we may also do something special, for example raise money for a food bank. In those instances, the donation will be a separate, special page, and it's information will be shown separately on that page but combined in the main page, under its own category.
A note about fees. When you donate via the page, we will pay fees. Please see the donation page for the most current amounts.

Board of Directors

Leigh Dupee, President
Cynthia Stebbins
Josephine Frangella
Christine Krauss
Susan Henriksson

You can view or print our bylaws from this PDF file.