List of food people are bringing to the next Sabbat. Please add what you can bring as well.

2019 Events Note
Over the last few years, we have done many “canned” rituals. Someone would write the ritual, and we would execute that vision. Unfortunately, these rituals tended to be a one-size-fits-all type. This year, we will work on empowering everyone to work on their own grimoires, to bring their creativity and ideas to bear in their magic. To help everyone find their true path in the art. Every event this year will build toward that goal. If you miss one, do not worry, the materials will be posted so that you can see what was discussed. This year let us, together, continue to add to and grow the art of magic.

2019 Events

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Imbolc 2020Feb 9 2020 2:00PMRegister
Oestara 2020Mar 14 2020 7:30PMRegister
Beltane 2020May 2 2020 7:30PMRegister
Litha 2020Jun 13 2020 12:00PMRegister
Lughnasadh 2020Aug 1 2020 12:00PMRegister
Mabon 2020Sep 19 2020 12:00PMRegister
Samhain 2020Nov 7 2020 7:30PMRegister
Yule 2020Dec 19 2020 7:30PMRegister