In general, our rituals have the following flow:

Everyone processes to the hallway while the space is cleansed and blessed, introductions are made.
Each person will then process into the space where they are cleansed, blessed, and their higher-self invoked.
We cast a circle for protection and to separate us from the mundane world.
We call forth the guardians and elements of the quarters.
We invite our Ancestors to join us.
We invite the God and Goddess to join us.
We have a meditation and/or an act of power.
We have cakes and ale.
We then close down in the reverse order and then socialize afterwards.


We ask that everyone who attends is respectful of other's attendees, their personal space, and their privacy. Some attendees will have known each other for years and others may be new to the path, or just new to our group. We want everyone to find a warm, welcoming environment.


We do not require any special attire for our events. We feel that business casual is a good rule of thumb when choosing what to wear.