My take on weddings and handfastings may be different than other groups. To me these are a celebration of the love of two people willing to commit themselves to the benefit of the other. It is a sacred, joyous, and wonderful day. Even so, this is not the start of your journey together but a milestone in the devotion that you have for one another.

This means that the ceremony is yours. I am more than happy to assist you in deciding what you would like to have but this is your ceremony and your decision. The goal is to create a wonderful celebration with lasting memories of the joy of the day and the people who celebrated with you.

There is a book I recommend linked lower on this page. It is not meant to be a blueprint for your ceremony but to be used to promote a discussion between the couple to generate ideas for how you would like your ceremony. In the book you will see things that make it appear like any other ceremony all the way to a full Pagan ceremony. Pick and chose, mix and match, create someting new and completely your own. Make something yours and unique from anyone else because you are unique from everyone else.

So have your hands ties. Jump over a broom. Dance and sing. Have a table where people write their wishes and then offer them to the Universe in a fire. This is yours, my role is to just help support you and to perform what you have designed.

Our "fee" is a $100 donation to the church. Additionally there may be travel expenses depending on distance.